Gender Identity Disorder

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Running head: Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity disorder is defined as a sense of one’s self as a female, male, or transgender when one’s gender identity and their biological sex are not the same and causing conflict within the person. The DSM classifies GID as a disorder but that has caused a lot of uproar from the transgender community stating that it is not a disorder but a way of life so to say. They believe that they were simply born in the wrong body, with the wrong body parts in comparison to how they feel.

Gender identity disorder was first discovered in ancient Greece. It was an ancient Metamorphosis Greek myth where a woman was raised as a man. After they had grown up, somewhere along the way they had fallen in love with another woman. The two had decided to get married and before the ceremony she had been completely transformed into a man. The two stayed together and lived out the rest of their days as husband and wife. Since the mid-19th century there have been people reporting expressions of discomfort with their biological sex and its related roles. And since then the first person to bring GID ( gender identity disorder) to attention was John William Money in 1957. He referred to it as a specific “psychological condition of gender identity disorder”. It wasn’t until 1980 that this disorder was first introduced to the DSM in its third edition.

There are some gender specific differences in regards to GID. In young boys the disorder is manifested by being overly preoccupied with feminine activities as opposed to being appalled by the thought of girls. They may have a preference to dress in girls clothes and do everything that mommy does from the cooking and cleaning to the laundry. To represent long hair most boys will use and towels, aprons, and scarfs. Normally little boys would not be caught dead playing house but boys with this...
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