Gender Gap

Topics: School, Education, Gender Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Gender Gaps in Education
Not too long ago there have been rising signs of important changes in gender differences on individuals’ experiences in the education system. Even though the results for both genders have improved over the years, the girls’ improvement rate has been faster than the boys and an important, big gap has opened up. A national survey found that girls scored higher in all tests. The results were that sixty-two percent of girls were able to focus on their work without supervision for ten minutes and only forty-nine percent of boys could achieve this. Girls have a better chance of passing and achieving higher grades. Another example is that in 2006 ninety-five percent of girls passed two or more tests and only ninety-four percent of boys passed. There are many factors that contribute to the gender gap, but I believe that the teacher’s attention, the gender theory, and schools don’t adapt to male and female learning and assessment procedures are the most contributing factors to gender gaps between boys and girls. One of the core factors which play an important part in the gender differences in achievement between boys and girls is the teacher’s attention. Joan Swann and David Graddol found that boys are usually more energetic and draw attention to the teachers gaze more often than girls. This gives boys more chances to speak. Research was conducted and resulted in findings that the way teachers interacted with girls was more positive because it focused on their schoolwork rather than behavior. Swann also found that when girls work in groups, a girl’s speech does not involve aggressive interruptions that are usually affiliated with a boy’s speech. This could explain why teachers see girls as cooperative and respond more positively to them, than to boys, seeing them as disruptive. This leads to a “self-fulfilling prophecy” in which positive interactions with teachers build girls’ self-esteem and increase their success levels. Another factor inside...
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