Gender Essay

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Growing up, children are always taught typical gender-based knowledge. Knowledge that is usually composed of stereotypical, and sexist beliefs. Beliefs like, men don’t cry, men are supposed to protect females, and men are supposed to be both the provider and leaders of their families. With beliefs and thoughts such as these being imposed into the minds of little boys everywhere, there’s no wonder why, although different in their own individual ways, generation after generation of men still subconsciously follow these gender-based guidelines and believe that they are responsible for the stability of the common household. Imposed beliefs that ultimately will decide how individuals live their life is a prime reason why nurture, not nature, defines gender.

Being born with specific biological features does not determine a person’s gender identity. Having male organs does not mean that when an individual grows up and experiences life, he will consider himself a man. Some males, after they grew up and have had some life experiences, might decide to act in a manner that is commonly associated with females. These males wear dresses, put on make-up, and might be attracted to other men. Although there isn’t a set law that states all of those actions can only be done by a female, the actions are more common amongst the female sex. If a child is born with organs that decide the child’s sex that does not mean the organs decide the child’s gender. There are many different elements that could help decide the gender of an individual. Peers can be some of the most decisive factors when it comes to gender identification. They are the people that an individual spends most of their time with, and can, most likely, relate the most with. It is not uncommon to find one mimicking the people that they tend to find themselves around the most. These people usually are friends, classmates, and sometime’s siblings or cousins. It would not be unheard of for one to change the way they act...
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