Gender Discrimination in Nursing

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  • Published : August 5, 2005
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This paper argues the issue of men being discriminated in nursinng by school(teachers and peers), in the wotk place, and by patients.

Gender Discrimination in Nursing
There are books and movies about how biased people are about male nurses. In the movie, "Meet the Parents", a male nurse named Gaylord Focker meets this beautiful girl Pam. They fall in love, but when Gaylord and Pam go to visit her parents, everything goes wrong for Gaylord, or Greg, as he would like to be called. Pam's dad, unlike her mother, does not like Greg at first just because he is a male nurse. When the whole family comes over for dinner, they all harass and make fun of him. Today, most people perceive nursing as a women profession. Men who enter this field have been look at as outcast. Many individuals feel that a man does not belong in a "feminine" profession. I believe that statement to be untrue and unfair. The issue of gender discrimination in nursing is the same as other professions. The only difference is nursing is dominated by women, and men are the minority fighting for equality. Gender or sex discrimination involves treating an employee or a class of employees differently because of gender. Whenever this discrimination affects the terms or conditions of employment, it is illegal. Gender-based disparate treatment of employees with regard to pay, title, position, hours worked and vacation time is generally considered illegal and morally wrong. Just 2.7 percent of the working nurse population in the United States are men. To understand why nursing is dominated by women we have to examine the it's history. Male nurses may belong, but there's still not many around. According to the U.S. Labor Department statistics, "6.7 percent of registered nurses were male"(statistics). Gender discrimination in nursing exists because of prejudices male students encounter in the classroom, in the workplace and with the patients. Over the years discrimination of males in the nursing has...
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