Gender Discrimination and Social Identity

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Male Pages: 10 (4139 words) Published: July 18, 2011
“Sexism: Men are bigger sexists than women” is a research paper which mainly focuses on the discriminations that women in the world face in their day to day lives. The initial idea of the research paper was to make a study on collective and individualist cultures which were witnessed plenty of times in TARC, but sexism, being a more important issue of today was worth having a study on since it enlightened me with facts I was not aware of and those facts are also shared in my submission. Sexism is a problem as fatal as poverty all over the world which has to be fought and won over so that every individual- both male and female can live respectful lives, free of the domination of the other sex. Research and studies on the topic undoubtedly helps us understand the issue better, but to implement ideas and to take initiatives to tackle the problem is what that is more importantly required. According to me, sexism is a psychological disease- it is something that is set in our minds that we have to get rid of, to look at everyone with the same eye in order to judge people as human beings only, and not as males and females. It is fact that from ancient times women are considered an inferior gender and as the title of the paper suggests the same, men should change their mindsets and so should women- who are being oppressed by the opposite sex, and to some extent the same sex. Only when our biased methods of judging genders are changed, the society (and the members of it) will be able to live together in peace and harmony.

Women have come a long way in the last century. Today women can vote and take part in the government of most countries. Back in my childhood, I grew up watching “Meena”- a fictional cartoon character who through her stories in comic books, animated films, and radio series educates the children of South Asia on issues of gender, health, and social inequality, where it often portrayed that the son of a family is given more privileges than a daughter is. She was not allowed to attend school or to have an equal amount of food as Raju, her brother, who got more simply because he was a boy. This discrimination between genders- more commonly known as sexism, as we call it, has been going on from ages, starting from the Neanderthal age- the beginning of civilization of human beings. From the very beginning of life, men have misused their masculine strength against women- established a myth that they are more loved by God, and women, who were created second to men were only to serve them. If one reflects to the past, it is evident even in history of ancient human beings that starting from thousands of years ago, families were patriarchal, fathers were sole decision makers, women were given rights of property inheritance hundreds of years later than men were, they were given rights to rule an empire thousands of years later than men were. Coming back to our present, what answers do we get when we ask ourselves that do we live in a world where men and women are looked upon with the same eye? How far have women actually come centuries after centuries? Not so much, when a judgment based on equality between men and women is made. Even today, over one hundred countries in the world have no women in their government. Women only hold 8% of the managerial positions in the U.S- a country known to be one of those which are most developed. However, it can be said that women too are sexists, but the extent to which men are, have exceeded to the magnitude to which men are by great levels. I, being born as a girl, wonder sometimes if my father had sighed heavily while holding me in his arms for the first time, wishing he had been embracing his baby son. Probably not, but how about the thousands of girls in our country who grow up listening to their parents (esp. their fathers) regretting about having a daughter, who would be married away soon, bid farewell to with heavy dowry. Those who get married away then spend the rest...
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