Gender Differences in Communication

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Gender and communication

Communications styles have always been different between men and women. As children our communications styles have been taught to us. According to John Gottman “Boys learn to suppress and bury their feelings, especially fear and other emotions that make them feel vulnerable. Girls are encouraged to express and talk about their feelings.” (whymarriages). Women and men may share some similarities but, we can all agree that when it comes to the aspects of communication there is a significant difference. Since childhood the communications between men and women have been different. This is evident in the upbringing of males and females “Boy and girl infants are treated differently by both parents. Both mom and dad speak louder voices to boys, caress and coo at girls more, show greater facial disapproval to girls’ anger, and use more aggressive physical play with boys.” (Lathrop) When boys are raised they are taught certain aspects of a relationship are not as important whereas, with women that is the main focus. For example, “Typically, boys are not taught skills relating to intimacy and emotions while girls are carefully taught to focus primarily on these.” (Lathrop) Although, that is what boys are taught it’s all based upon how the parents raise or model “correct” behavior at a young age. But, boys are naturally problem solvers unlike women. When men are communicating they come into the conversation looking for solution to the problem at hand. According to Marlene Lathrop, “Boys develop visual-spatial-logical and problem-solving skills sooner than girls and tend to talk about things and activities, while girls develop talking-reading-vocabulary and interpersonal skills sooner than boys and tend to talk about people, feelings and developing friendships.” (Communicationsstyle) Unlike men, women are not the problem solvers, they are more sensitive and emotional when it comes to communication women relate more to the emotions of the...
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