Gender Differences in Anxiety Disorders

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  • Published : October 22, 2006
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For my individual paper assignment I chose to summarize three articles containing information about gender difference in anxiety disorders. I found three articles that surrounded the information that I had to explain about my research. The 3 article titles that I will explain in this assignment are gender differences in anxiety disorders, gender differences in panic disorder, and effects of gender on social phobia. The first article is explaining my main topic that I chose for this assignment. The article is about panic disorder, which is a form of an anxiety disorder. The last article is about social phobia, which is also another form of an anxiety disorder. Between these articles that I have chosen, I hope to conclude with informing my reader with about what is the real difference between male and females in anxiety disorder.

The first article that I found is explaining the gender difference in all anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are conditioned by genetic, neurobiological and social factors. Approximately a third of women population is considered to experience or to have some sort of fear which causes anxiety. Anxiety disorders are very much widespread and are manifested by unpleasant feelings, which causes anxiety. In this article it explains that large number of indicators of anxiety disorders show anxiety states to be more frequently met in women than in men. When researching about anxiety, a special attention has been paid to the differences between genders. In studying the children population, girls were noticed to present more intense anxiety signs than boys. Anxiety is also noticed to appear in women in all of their periods of life, while in men, it is more frequent in adult age. In this article it also explains that men suffer from phobia more often than woman, what is in opposition to other studies. A female offspring of the parents who suffered from anxiety far more often show various forms of fear in relation to male...
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