Gender Differences

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Gender Differences in Personality Will Never Change
Female to male differences in personality have always been present in our daily lives. Males have always been looked at as the more aggressive gender, while females have always been looked at as the more responsible gender. Whether these differences between male and female are biological or social, they will always exist. The biological argument is that we might inherit our differences depending on our parents. There was an experiment done where they measure aggression between nonhuman animals. The result was that females injected with androgen at about the time the sexual organs develop behave more aggressively when they are older than do females without hormones. This experiment is supported by research done on human females who were “androgenized” in the womb because of drugs given to their mothers to prevent miscarriage. These androgenized human females showed similar patterns of higher aggression. Another reason that is used to explain why there are personality differences among male and female is because of our socialization and culture. It is said that these differences are taught upon us at a very early age. Parents tend to treat boy and girl infants differently as early as birth. Societies bring up boy and girl differently because they almost universally require adult males and females to perform different types of roles. Most societies expect adult males to be the warriors and man of the house, while females are almost always the caretakers and responsible ones. Whether the differences in personality between female and male are biological or cultural, the difference will still be there even in a society with complete gender equality in the workforce. Some might argue that by having complete gender equality in the workplace it will slowly diminish the differences in personality between female and male, however that will only control it to some extent. While at work the differences in personality...
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