Gender Budgeting Initiative

Topics: Budget, Budgets, Tanzania Pages: 5 (731 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Social Accountability Stocktaking Exercise


|Methodology Type |Specify whether (i) PB, (ii) IBA, (iii) BPET, or (iv) PPM (can select more than one option as some SA | | |initiatives do not fit neatly into these categories) | | | |Basic Information |Name of Intervention |Gender Budgeting Initiative (GBI) | | |Primary Agency Running Intervention |Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP), Intermediary | | | |Gender Networks, Outreach groups and Feminist Activism | | | |Coalition (FEMACT) | | |Location |Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar | | |Sector or Level of Focus |National-Education, Health, Local government and Water sector | | |Type of Engagement |Continuous | | | |Context and Scope |What is the driving force behind the SA |Policy, Legal and Budget framework of Tanzania has been one of | | |initiative? |the most patriarchal in the history of Africa | | | |Very low level of awareness on gender budgeting and other | | | |equity methodologies of resource mobilization and allocation | | |What are the main objectives and what a key |Equitable resource allocation and redistribution to reduce | | |accountability problem does it seek to |inequities in terms of gender, class, age, colour, domicile etc| | |address? |Creating a policy framework in which Tanzanians can equitably | | | |participate in the development process | | |Who is the target audience or demographic |Marginalized and impoverished groups of the Tanzanian society | | |focus? |such as Women, Youth, Disabled, People living with HIV/AIDS, | | | |Poor men, the elderly etc. | | |What is the political culture or environment?|Democratic, but weakened by corruption and historical | | | |background of being in a socialistic and one party state for | | | |more than 20 years | | | |Tools and Methodologies |What specific SA tools and methodologies are | | |Used |being used?...
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