Gender Biased Culture

Topics: Gender, Man, Male Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: May 3, 2011
The Role of Female and Mulan
History of ancient world have shown that gender biased cultures have been in existence for more than thousand of years. The movie Mulan is a perfect example for a gender biased culture by giving the power to the men and withholding it from women. As I grew up in a gender biased cultures like India and Middle East, I can relate this movie with the gender issues in my generation. For many years, woman in these cultures must be fully covered from head to toe when in public, are not allowed to work, and are not allowed to drive. Mulan Fa, the main character in the movie, comes to her elderly fathers defense and refuses to let him go and fight in the Emperor's army. She takes matters into her own hands and cuts her hair and puts on her fathers armor to become a man and take his place in the battle. When my father was immigrated to United States America, I and my mother have to stay in India until I finish my high school. In the movie, Mulan is an only child and her father has a physical disability, so Mulan and her mother ended up having to take on traditionally male roles in the house for their family to get by. When I was little, I helped my mother with chores outside my home such as running to stores to buy groceries, pay bills, etc. In my culture, when a girl hits puberty, she is not allowed to go outside of home by herself or without covering from head to toe with hijab. So when I hit puberty I was stopped by my grandparents from going out of my house except for school. After I moved to United States, I started to work part time as I go to school. So, I was the first woman in my family to go to work and drive. In the movie, Mulan feels that she should be able to do all the things males do and do them with pride and dignity. Likewise, it was hard for me as I grew up as a tomboy. If a female follows a male's style of life are seen as tomboys and are outlawed in my society. Even my mother did not like to keep me in house but she...
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