Gender Bias

Topics: Gender, Sex, Male Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: November 28, 2007
Education has been a major factor in everything for as long as I've known. It's definitely something that everyone needs to have in order to be successful in any sort of way. So to hear that I may have been put at a disadvantage because of gender bias in the classroom upsets me in a way. I mean not to an extent where I think that every single thing I have ever learned was made so a woman could understand it, but just in the way that maybe something I didn't understand could have been better explained but due to gender bias the ability to learn a certain subject to my complete potential was kept from me. But I think that the differences of the male and female brain alone can impair someone's ability to learn, in fact the most important reason as to why people don't as much as they can so I think the best way to avoid bias is single sex classrooms.

According to Dr. Sax, author of the book Why Gender Matters: what parents and teachers need to know about the emergence of sex differences, the brain develops differently. In girls, the language area of the brain develops before the areas for spatial relations and for geometry develops. Also, the brain is wired differently. In girls, emotion is processed in the same area of the brain that processes language. Therefore it is easier for most girls to talk about their emotions. For boys, the regions involving talking and the regions involving feelings are completely separate. So the hardest question for boys to answer is "Tell me how you feel." Girls also hear better than boys do. For example the average teenage girl can have sense of hearing up to seven times better than that of a boy the same age. That is why girls may complain that their teachers yell at them when in all reality the male teacher is talking in his normal voice. Girls and boys also respond differently when it comes to stress. Not just in the human species, it has been proven amongst every single kind of mammal that humans have studied. Stress increases...
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