Gender Based Discrimination in the Novel Things Fall Apart

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  • Published : November 5, 2008
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Gender Based Discrimination
In regions especially where poverty and ignorance are widespread, people are generally be in dispair. Living in such hard conditions and being unable to get rid of the situation, the man is tend to unload his suppressed resentment by using brute force on his houshold.

The man who is not satisfied with his achievments and dont have dignity in his social life, tries to establish domination over women through agression. Therefore masculanity is associated with agression and violence. And that situation leads to discrimination and conflict between the two genders.

But unfortunately, the gender-based discrimination happens everywhere, even in the western ,industrialized nations that are thought to be closest to an ideal modern egalitarian treatment for women. Although western women have legal freedoms, the right to vote and to own property; they still dont enjoy full equality with men, nor are they socially valued or esteemed as men.

The concept of ‘gender based discrimination’ may be analyzed in the aspects of; interpretion of gender, domestic life of women, women & sexuality and the roles of men, among various times and cultures.

Based on the novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ we deduce that in Nigerian community women led a domestic life, being in charge of breeding their children, cooking and serving to their husbands as well as not being able to participate the social life and ceremonies, while the men are in charge of taking all decisions about the community.( Chapter 10, pages 77-78 )

Also, a man’s power was measured by his physical strength. If one hasnt got a name by bloodshed he was called as agbala which also means woman. As a concequence of being a strong men, they frequently beat and threaten their wives.

Similarly, plural marriage is widespread and virginity is considered as a merit. Since a woman is not valuable herself, she is always described whether as a daughter or a wife of a man. If she asks for divorce,...
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