Gender and Women

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Most high level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved by women? Most people believe that there should be a balance between men and women in job market in all levels, I would discuss pros and cons of assigning quotation to women in higher level of job market Firstly, although, there are many talented women that qualify for promotion, women face glass ceilings that stop them from climbing corporate ladders. Furthermore most of men have traditional perspectives and do not cooperate with female bosses. Reserving a quota for women can remove the obstacles and provides opportunities for managerial level. Thirdly, having more women in higher positions could be beneficial to businesses, as women commit fewer corruption and more punctual at workplace than men. Appointing more women in government would lead to development of equality between male and female. Having women in parliament can hinder masculine decision like starting a war and abolish laws against human rights.

Fact shows that most high level jobs are done by men. In this era which promotes widely gender equality, this fact triggers a sneaking suspicion that gender discrimination still prevails. As a result, the government is demanded to encourage a certain percentage of high level jobs to be reserved for women. In my opinion, such a demand isn’t necessary, based on following reasons.

Firstly, the most important qualification to employ a worker in a high level job is professionalism, not gender, since high level jobs require high performance and integrity. Reserving a certain percentage of these jobs for a particular group simply on the basis of gender-related issues can result in what is popularly described as “the wrong person in the wrong place”: placing workers in specific jobs just because of their gender, not their real competence.

Secondly, employment should be based on fair competition, not on special favor to any particular...
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