Gender and Sexuality Analysis (over Mcdonalds Advertisement)

Topics: Family, Nutrition, Happy Meal Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 7, 2013 (The Commerial)
McDonalds Cha Cha Commercial Analysis
In this commercial, there is a family consisting of a father, mother, and daughter sitting in the dining room table eating their dinner that they have bought from McDonalds. The family is dressed formally as though they are going church following their meal. As the family is participating in their dinner, the son begins to proceed into the dining room area in his 1990’s yellow and black jump suit, sun visor hat that is tilted to the side and boom box that is blaring the cha cha slide song. He then pulls out the one of the chairs as he is dancing to the song and sits down. He sees the happy meal that his parents got him and takes out the apple slices. He continues to dance to the song, with only from the stomach up, as he is dipping his apple slices into his two barbeque sauce packets in correlation to when the song says “left”,”right” or “criss-cross” determining which packet he dips his apples into. The rest of the family is looking at the son with their jaws dropped with a confused look and the father begins to do his own version of his son’s dance. Finally, the son gets out of his seat and forms a peach sign with his hand as the song says “I am out of here yall, peace”.

This advertisement is targeting families but mainly children through the catchy movements of the son in connection with the cha cha slide background music. It simply causes kids to want to get happy meal for two reasons one reason beginning that the commercial is portraying that happy meals give you an overall memorable experience through the great taste and high level of enjoyment along the way. The second reason being that the son is being portrayed as one of the “popular kids” and kids, wanting to be a part of the popular click, believing that if the get a happy meal that they will become one as well. Through this commercial, McDonalds is providing their main audience with false hopes and...
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