Gender and Media Socialization

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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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Gender and Media Socialization

In our society today, many media outlets use propaganda and commercialization to persuade the public to use products or participate in activities that are deemed for our specific gender roles in society. Whether you’re looking at cosmopolitan, or sports illustrated, both have an inherent way of trying to influence our actions to the world around us based on what [in our case] the United States has painted; in a rather general way, a picture of either a male or female in our cultural setting.

Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated publications have their own way of reaching their target audience. Cosmopolitan magazine, formally a monthly “family” magazine, developed in 1886 which later became a literacy magazine, and finally transformed into a woman’s magazine in the 1960’s. Ironically, this woman’s magazine is truly anything but something for individuals of female community can hold up as something for the woman’s movement. With such articles that degrade women to something that is to accompany a man, including “10 Ways to Meet Your Man,” completely categorize women as an accessory to their male counterpart. In addition, Cosmopolitan’s inherent direction toward heterosexuality in women is another aspect of this magazine that again takes a giant step back for women and their individuality in America; introducing some articles of homosexuality in women, but emphasizing on the tolerance that “normal girls” have for the “other” type of female.

In contrast to Cosmo, Sports illustrated targets male audiences in the United States and the culture surrounding it. Much like Cosmo, Sports Illustrated uses the gender definition that all males are to be masculine, dominant and powerful. Guides for males to enhance physical performance by means of exercise and physical fitness are plastered throughout pages of Sports Illustrated. With that, their most famous edition: the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition, which depicts...
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