Gender and Identity

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  • Published : May 26, 2008
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Evaluation of the Impact Gender has on an Individuals Identity

The most important question facing any human, be they male or female, is that of the discovery of their own identity. The majority of child development theories have dealt with the way in which children must learn to disengage their own identity from that of their parents (mothers in particular) and discover who they are as adults however this process is far from over when an individual reaches physical maturity Gender is a factor of human sexuality. The way to demarcate and understand gender is to identify the process and procedures of its social appearance. The roles of gender are outlined by the norms and behavioral expectations and when an individual ascertains these norms they can then implement the behaviors that project the gender they aspire to portray. There are precise behaviors and norms connected with gender and only by adopting these norms and behaviors pilots to the perception of an individual belonging to that gender category. Gender is not as straightforward as being in a gender category modestly because gender is influenced by society for instance parents, culture and peers.

The relation between gender and sex in the biological sense is controversial because parents can socialize a biological female into a traditional feminine role which portrays traditional gender characteristics for example sensitivity, emotional, dependence and empathy. This is the exact same process for a biological male in the sense that the male gender characteristics are traditionally associated with them being independent, dominant and courageous. Presuming that both sexes feel associated with their gender roles they will be integrated in their identities, so the female and male will behave naturally in the ways that manifest their particular gender. For example the girl will be identified with dolls, clothes, appearance etc and the boy will be identified with physical activities, cars etc. Preparations...
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