Gender and Family Cause Delinquency?

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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Gender and Family

Gender and Family
If we continue to study the differences in the gender and family characteristics of youths that unfortunately make bad mistakes and enter the criminal justice system, we may be able to identify sources that will be beneficial in creating prevention, community and deterrence programs that will help break the gap between delinquency juveniles and juveniles. How does gender affect delinquency?

It is obvious that boys and girls experience life through different paths and experiences, this may be through socialization methods and some of these gender differences fall between these categories. Socialization for females: they like to sustain relationships; they are normally less aggressive and end up blaming themselves. Males seem to be more independent and aggressive and externalize their anger. Cognitive is another method and females exert this by having superb verbal abilities tend to speak and express themselves earlier, better pronunciation and are overall better readers. Males have excellent visual/spatial ability and are usually better at math.

How does family affect delinquency?
Research shows that family structure plays a huge part in the characteristics of juvenile delinquency. We can remember as kid’s family being so important in our socialization, I can remember the values taught to me and from all of the people surrounding me and have held an influence throughout my whole life, positive and negative. Socialization is a process that starts not too far after being born and is most of the time started and received from our loved ones surrounding us, our family. The family feature that we will focus on is single families that may have a past or present criminal history, Matsueda and Heimer (1987) suggest that, because there is one parent, instead of two present, there is less effective supervision. Wells and Rankin (1991) performed a meta-analysis of 50 studies and found that the prevalence of...
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