Gender and Family

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Gender and Family
Echelle Lofton
CJS 240
Anthony McBride

In this essay, the idea of someone’s gender affecting whether or not they will be a delinquent will be discussed, along with how family dynamics may play a role in gender delinquency as well. Also, unfairness in gender, and whether males or females are more prone to delinquency will be covered.

Gender has often played a role in delinquency throughout history, and over the past few years, interest has spiked and it has been shown while the rate for delinquent females is still lower than male delinquency, it is “growing at a faster pace than male delinquency.” (Siegel and Welch, 2005) One of the reasons why gender has always played a role when it comes to delinquency throughout history could be the way male and females are taught to socialize when they are younger. Differences between the two are even visible while we are babies, with infant girls being shown to have a better grasp on their emotions, and infant males are more prone to get agitated easier, and need more attention from the mother. This shows that there may be a possibility that both male and females are socialized different, and also may affect the juvenile delinquency rate between the two.

It has been widely known though psychology circles that those differences on how males and females are socialized at a young age can affect how they will become as adolescents and adults. Young boys learn how to be independent and use it to their advantage. Young girls are usually taught that their self-worth comes from relationships throughout their life, and this can be damaging if a relationship goes wrong. As male and females begin to mature over the years, they also learn how to handle social situations different as well, with females tending to deal with anxiety when it comes to be accosted, and with males tending to “retaliate.” (Siegel and Welch, 2005) Also, males and females can deal with stress and anger in different...
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