Gender and Eve Returns Wall-e

Topics: Gender, Love, Gender role Pages: 2 (902 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The first half of Wall-E completely reverses Hollywood’s idea of the boy/girl romance. Wall-E and Eve each take on roles opposite their portrayed gender. Wall-E though assumed to be a lovable male displays stereotypical female characteristics and behaviours such as his weakness, his cleaning, and the longing he has for companionship. While Eve, though sleek and beautiful like our image of the “ideal woman” is much more the stereotypical male, arriving and immediately wreaking destruction, she is devoid of emotion, and displays lots of physical power. Wall-E and Eve both take on characteristics typical of the opposite sex making us question our ideas of “romance.” Wall-E opens our eyes to more possibilities; maybe romance isn’t based around so many gender stereotypes but simply by the way we feel about another person – or robot. Wall-E’s weakness and fear of Eve’s arrival is demonstrated by his shaking and hiding behind nearby garbage cans. Though Eve’s immediate destruction of anything that moves, would strike fear into the heart of any semi-intelligent being. Wall-E, having been built simply for cleaning is small, and seemingly insignificant. While Eve’s sleek form is not only efficient but built for destruction. With her convenient built-in cannons, she’s every boys dream robot, and what girl doesn’t adore Wall-E’s adorableness. Eve’s physical strength is shown time after time, when she pops bubble wrap with a machine gun like quickness. When teaching Eve to dance Wall-E is cute and certainly more elegant than Eve who is more clumsy than elegant. She jumps so hard she shakes Wall-E’s little living space and twirls so fast she breaks Wall-E’s eye. Another example is when Wall-E tries to hold her hand after she has the plant, and just closing herself back up she slams his hand so hard it appears she may have really hurt him. Despite her outbursts of anger and her clear physical power that she holds over him, Wall-E adores her anyway. Wall-E spends his days...
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