Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Gender role Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Gender is a social construct that outlines the roles, behavioursfavour one group to the detriment of the other (WHO). Gender equality reinforces the attitude and practice of fair and impartial distribution of resources and prospects for men and women. It promotes equal opportunity to men and women in any social congregation. The innate property with which one is born does not perpetuate gender differentiation.However the human world has created virtual and real gender images confined to role specifications. These role limits have created divisive identities. The ratio of divisiveness may vary from society to society but an argument which can be theoretically proposed could be in terms of the universality of this gender division defying its development, as the baseline criterion. Thus it takes different forms when it comes to actuality. In developing societies in particular, this presents a very peculiar situation where the institutional efforts put in by government to legalise gender equality through Acts does not reflect a condition of attained equality. The difference between actuality and reality is more or less guided by perceptions and, therefore, what is actually been practiced might not be absolute, as many unforeseen factors may affect this difference. Nevertheless it has always generated an incessant urge to unearth the truth behind the gender issues. The reason is very obvious. There are paradoxes which may be so deceptive, so that the reality of what is practiced in real social construct appears illusory compared to what is conceptually framed. The workplace is a setting where gender inequalities can be noticeable and sustained. Work plays a significant component in shaping power and status for both women and men. This generates gender inequalities in the distribution of everyday jobs. In the post-modern era, strategies have been designed to deal with situations of gender discrimination. However, gender inequality in the workplace is an acute and...
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