Gen200.Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Prioritizing for Responsible Productivity

Growing up, responsibility was something most young minds feared. The way parents spoke of responsibility, portraying so much struggle and frustration, it was evident most individuals dreaded growing up and acquiring more responsibility than simple chores around the house. That was then. When one experiences what comes with age, things become easier to accept. Through the years one can learn to distinguish the difference between selfishness and independence. The difference is personal responsibility. Differentiating between what is needed and what is preferred for the benefit of oneself is important for an individual’s well being. So, although an individual's responsibility is never ending, it is important to weigh out priorities to support individual success directly correlated with aspects of an individual’s life.  Things, which matter the most, must never be at the mercy of things, which matter least (Goethe, Johan Wolfgang Von 1749-1832)

Within an individual’s life, generally speaking, there is so much balancing needed. Let us touch base on finding the importance of personal balance. This day and age, people are finding comfort in relieving stress through extracurricular activities, hobbies, and personal relationships. From experience, I have relied on such aspects of my personal life to keep my mind relaxed and fresh. However, one must remember to prioritize commitments to personal endeavors vs. personal responsibility. Learning to balance ‘fun’ and ‘work’ to maintain coherence in one’s life directly results from prioritizing. Putting schoolwork first, before going to the beach or attending a party is prioritizing and supporting personal responsibility. Realistically, learning to balance one’s personal life will always support any endeavor. The catch phrase trending is appropriately relevant; Work Hard, Play Hard.

That phrase is...
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