Gen125 Week 8, Assignment 2

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Week eight assignment two
Michael Martin
February 3, 2012

 What was the main point of the written piece?

The main point of the written piece was small tidbits of information on how to give more effective presentations, specifically sales presentations.

        What did each section deal with?

There were 8 main points

* Digging deeper
* Avoiding giving too much information
* Practicing the presentation
* Focusing on the information, and not trying to force to much comedy * Using simple props to drive home your point
* Minimize speaking about yourself and focus on the audiences issue and how your company can solve their problem. * Minimize the use of acronyms and technological speak
* Use few simple slides to get your point across. You should be the driving force behind the presentation, not just following along on a PowerPoint.

What questions did you ask yourself as you were reading?

In skimming the article I asked myself what “Minimizing you” might be referring too, but outside of that I didn’t really generate to many questions.

How can you change your note taking skills for the future?

Well I need to be more precise and more legible. I always try to write down any examples given by the teacher. However with the ever decreasing price of memory, I find myself recording all lectures if I am there in person.

What would you do to retain this information for later use?

Honestly, I would (and did) bookmark the article for future reference. This was an article that applies to me because I have to give presentations at work. Especially at my old job and so I can think about those presentations and then visualize how I could have done a better job applying some of the techniques in the article.

How might the SQ3R method help you improve your reading comprehension and retention skills?

The SQ3R method is specifically designed to help improve reading...
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