Gen Y in the Workforce Review

Topics: Management, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: December 23, 2012

Article review of Gen Y in the Workforce
Kevin Gaffuri
Azusa Pacific University

The case study illuminates several managerial challenges when it pertains to younger individuals in the workplace. Traditional methods may seem lost on them. Newer techniques are the constant. It is almost an entirely new language. As much of a challenge as this seems, it is hardly new to the business or any other community. Younger individuals are usually not willing to dedicate decades to learning from a single mentor. Many will work several positions throughout a career. In the article, Sarah Bennett, the middle manager had spent many years at a single company growing into the position she currently holds. She has dedicated time to learning the methodologies used in the past. Her new employee, Josh, has not. He is choosing to use newer methods of marketing and is not willing to consider any of the old processes. Both have to take ownership of some key facts. Sarah must recognize that the ideas that Josh is presenting are worthy of review. There is data available to make an educated decision on what is the right course of action. Josh must understand that the data he is compiling can be used to argue his own point. To develop a proper marketing plan, he must identify exactly how the results he envisions can be created.

This is a very common problem in my organization. I have agents ranging in age from nineteen to seventy-two. The spectrum is obviously very wide, as well as the methods they are willing to use for success. There is a significant communication barrier, similar to the one between Sarah and Josh. I have an expectation on every agent, no exceptions. The communication does have to be very different. I speak with some over text messages, others have to write emails, and a few need to speak with me over the phone or in person. It is my...
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