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Topics: Generation Y, Generation Z, Generation X Pages: 6 (1937 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Millennials generation – How a firm can adapt itself to fulfill the Gen Y demands? Called Generation Y, sometimes echo boomers or Millennials, this new wave of workers numbering more than 70 million, are far different from their parents. Raised in the late 1980, the Generation Y in a confident group and its members are entering the workforce with high expectations for themselves and their employers. How can firm satisfy their demands in order to attract the best potentials graduates?

I. Millennials generation expectation in their daily life
The Millennials generation is having great expectation. They are ambitious, strongly motivated, expect rapid progress and advancement in their work life: more than half * of the graduates’ expect to be in a managerial role within the three years. Moreover, the three top priorities in the workplace for graduate are challenging work (33%), high salary (32%), and career advancement (24%), which are under their expectations for 45% of the persons. Furthermore, gen Y needs a great level of freedom and autonomy in order to carry out their work. With a manager to hands-on on the management style, he risks a demotivation. Indeed, if 43% of graduates respect their manager, 32 % feel the performance of their boss below their expectations. However, the gen Y is seeking for a great relationship with their manager, 56% wants him as a mentor rather than someone who directs (8%). Unfortunately, a gap remains between what manager think they do, and how graduate see it: 75 % of manager believe they are fulfilling the role of mentor whereas only 26% of the Gen Y agrees. For the matter of the work life balance, the millennial generations is always looking for more flexibility. Work balance is among the top five things they are looking for at work and even to be able to develop personal activities at work (39% of the graduates) compare to 25% of managers. However, even if 75% of the graduates are proud to work for their employer and want the organization to succeed, 57% expect to leave their employer within the two years.

B. Comparism to other generation

Study by Jean M. Twenge, Elise Freeman, and Keith Campbell “Generational differences in Young Adults’ Life Goal 1966-2009 Study by Jean M. Twenge, Elise Freeman, and Keith Campbell “Generational differences in Young Adults’ Life Goal 1966-2009

Millennials and GenX’er rated being well off financially, being a leader in the community, living close to parents and relatives and having responsibility for the work of others as more important than Boomers did at the same age. They rate developing a meaningful philosophy of life, finding purpose and meaning, keeping up to date with political affair and becoming involved in programs to clean up the environment as less important. The changes are primarily linear, with Millennials continuing, though often slowing, and trends begun by GenX’ers. In support of the “Generation Me” view, the overall trend in life goals between Boomers and the Millennials is toward less community feeling, including less intrinsic, more extrinsic, and more narcissist goals, Millennials continuing the trends begun by GenX and net reversing them. The overall pattern of rends does not support the “Generation We” view. Measuring civic engagement and social capital resulted in showing that they are lower among Millennials than among Boomers at the same age. However, the results for life goals and concern for others, several items on civic orientation declined faster or just as fast between GenX. Millennials reported thinking about social problems less, having less interest in government, making less effort to conserve energy and being less interested in taking “green” actions to protect the environment, either personally or through government. Millennials are also less likely than Boomers and GenX to participate in the political process through writing to a public official, participation in demonstrations or boycotts, or...
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