Gen 480 Critical Thinking Case Study

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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a.Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study. For full credit, provide AT MINIMUM: four to six assumptions held by Kelly; six to nine assumptions held by Pat; two to three assumptions held by Cliff; two to three assumptions held by Chris. i.Kelly

1.Pat isn’t knowledgeable about quality control
2.Does not think the features presented can be done in time 3.Pat does not have technology experience because prior he was in a different industry 4.Does not have enough staff due to layoffs
5.Thinks the budget is unrealistic
1.Prototype available by August
2.Thinks Kelly has no respect for Pat
3.Thinks Kelly is trying to undermine his efforts to get the product out into the market 4.Thinks they need outside contractors to complete the project by deadline 5.Thinks that postponing the product launch will increase cost 6.That increased cost will pay for itself in 10 years

7.Thinks they need to expand into other markets by improving the scanners current technology iii.Cliff
1.Thinks this scanner is the scanner of choice for airport all over 2.Thinks Pat’s history as a creative marketer in his old industry will help to put the scanner in the market 3.Thinks that by putting the scanner in a retail type environment will put it farther out than the competition

1.Thinks they need to cut costs by 15% without having layoffs 2.Thinks product development is being pressured to produce more while keeping costs low or cutting them

Explain the arguments made by each of these people.
2.Explanations should comprise two to six sentences for each of the following: i.Cliff O’Connor
1.Wants to reduce the original estimated costs by two thirds (2/3) and keep the original dead line the same. AcuScan is currently losing ground in the market and he needs to turn the company around. The company needs to grow and remain profitable or they will lose business. ii.Pat Lambert

1.Pat feels that...
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