Gen 200 Week 1 Thesis Statement

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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GEN/200 Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet
Bobby Watson
Jackie Novak

GEN/200 Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet

Achieving Collegiate Success through Personal Responsibility

I. Achieving collegiate success through personal responsibility is your responsibility. My thesis statement is:
Even though collegiate success is directly proportional to effort applied, we must develop a true sense of purpose and responsibility because individuals who develop a great sense of purpose succeed in every venture in which they apply themselves and students that accept personal responsibility for their collegiate success graduate at a very high rate.

II. You must develop a sense of purpose, it’s the first step to success a. Examine your desire for true success
i. You must have a deep yearning for applying yourself ii. Desiring to become fulfilled while applying myself to become the best person possible b. Determining the reason you have a such a sense of desperation to achieve iii. Search your soul for what is truly motivating you to obtain your degree iv. Dedicated yourself to continuously monitor your motivations and keep them centered III. Personal responsibility is not a choice to be taken lightly c. Achieving success requires an honest acceptance of your responsibility v. Accept that your future is in your hands

vi. Honest acceptance of the result of your efforts or lack thereof is the beginning of success

IV. Personal plan to practice these disciplines in my personal collegiate career includes a true:

d. Dedication to developing the sense of purpose
e. Accepting the responsibility for my college education f. Developing techniques for continual growth
g. Mastering my time management skills
h. Commitment to remain motivated in tough times
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