Gen/105 Week 1 Distance Learning Vocabulary and Course Forums

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  • Published : July 13, 2012
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Imagine that you are trying to explain distance learning to a friend.

Write a response of 200 to 300 words to explain how courses work at University of Phoenix. Use each of the following terms at least once in your explanation:

Threaded discussion
Electronic forum
Asynchronous communication
The Internet or the web
Participation grade
Distance learning is a great way to get a degree and still stay in the comfort of your own home. It is easy to work into your hectic schedule because there is no set time that you have to be online and all you need is a basic knowledge of the internet. There are a few basic requirements, such as participating in threaded discussions and giving feedback to your fellow students. Threaded discussions take place thru what is known as asynchronous communication. Asynchronous communication is defined as a “Form of communication in which participants use technology to share communication, wherein each participates at a different place and time, and face-to-face interaction does not occur. Often refers to distance learning interactions, e-mail, etc.” These discussions are part of your participation grade, and are led by your instructor. You will also have weekly assignments to complete and post on the electronic forum for your teacher to review and grade. All of your assignments are on the University website and broken down into what you will be doing week by week. There are other great features to the online campus at University of Phoenix. You have access to the student library, student labs, workshops, and community forums all which are geared to help you succeed. (

Create a list of the forums in a typical University of Phoenix online course. Indicate which forum you would place the following messages into: A message intended for your instructor concerning feedback you received on an assignmentIndividual Forum A message responding to a...
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