Gen 105 Time Management Skills

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Since I started school and the University of Phoenix I have tried several thing to mange my time better. With taking the time management tool assessment I learned that a great deal of my time is spent working. On daily basics, I prioritize the things I need to accomplish by making a list. While I’m drinking coffee and eat breakfast write down everything such as what things I have to do for my classes or writing my grocery list or writing down what bill I have to pay by what date. When I write down everything it helps me stay on track. My support group consists of my fiancé, my parents, my friend and my co-workers. Everyone in my support group helps me by encouraging me to continue my goal of obtaining my degree. My fiancé especially helps me because with my demanding work schedule and his work schedule whatever I don’t get done in the house such as cooking or cleaning he takes care of. Due to me taking online courses, it is very important that my computer don’t break, however, with technology we all know it breaks sometimes. In the case if my computer breaks down I have another laptop and desktop equipped with the microsoft office. Also if my other two computers break down I will go over one of my family member or friend house. Another resource I would use is the library public computer. Due to work and school I am very busy and have to pay close attention to my time management to ensure all my school works get done on time. One thing I do ensure with my work is submitting it on time. To ensure my work is submitted on time and is done to the best of my ability I try to spread out the workload of my homework so I don’t cram all the work in one day. Another thing I do to ensure my assignments are tracked is writing a check list of assignments. I have a list of completed dates of my work and dates I have submitted my work to my professor. I also keep a calendar of all my work due dates and check it daily. This helps me with my time management because it is a...
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