Gen/105 Student Survival Guide

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  • Published : September 12, 2010
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Student Survival Guide
LaShawnda Blaimayer
August 30, 2010

Being a full time student and parent, working 32 to 36 hours weekly has definitely been time consuming. I am more than thankful that going back to school can be as fun as it has been in this class. Gen/105 has provided every step to become successful in your career of choice. Although this guide is about survival; it’s completely up to you and your efforts. The University of Phoenix and Axial College have provided the tools and information to better assist their student in becoming successful. In this guide I hope to assist as many busy students/ parents as possible by sharing my personal action plan for success. I have come out of this class with the ability to recognize and work with my strengths and weaknesses.

Utilizing Axia Educational Resources

Online resources are literally just a click away. Axia has several sources to choose from. After logging on to the student web; Click the My Learning Resource tab, then Tools and Tutorial tab. There you can find the: *Center for Excellence-provides tools and skills that are required for a successful paper. *Writepoint- is a tool that reviews grammar and punctuation mistakes. The *Plagiarism Checker- reviews written material for authenticity. *Tutorials & Guides- provides books and articles needed to research and study. * University Library- provides books and articles needed to research and study. Utilizing the resources listed above will help you to be more successful within your courses.

Upholding Academic Honesty

Academic Honest with the University of Phoenix and Axia College is very important. It is important because it helps you to retain the information necessary to complete your required courses. It also allows your instructor to grade your work appropriately. You may ask yourself, “What is Academic Honesty”? It is where a student generates their own work. Researched and written by...
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