Gen 105: Final Project: Student Survival Guide

Topics: Personality type, Goal, Reading Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: May 17, 2010
Axia’s educational resources have been a great help to me throughout this course. The three educational resources covered in this course was, Downloading files for use on your machine or portable device, Navigating the University Library, and Identifying key information within articles. Being able to download reading materials onto cell phones, and MP3 players, improves the quality of the educational experience. Axia College provides other technological tools as well, such as: audio appendixes, digital stories, and tutorials. I myself prefer the audio appendixes and digital stories because when I am able to hear things I seem to be able to learn and remember it better. I’m also able to write better notes, and do better on my assignments without having to keep looking back and searching through the reading materials. The University Library has also helped me a great deal during the course. I prefer using it over going to a traditional library because all I have to do is log onto my student website, click on the library tab, then click on the University Library tab, next all I have to do is type in a keyword to the subject I am looking for. The University Library also has a link so you can send a message to a librarian too. So in my opinion the University Library is better than a traditional library because it has all the same things without you having to leave your house. This course also taught me how to identify key information within articles. Look for different fonts, like bold, italic, or underlined words. Also, words that are different colors. Upholding Academic Honesty was something that I will use during my whole college experience. Three educational resources covered in this course are Understanding Axia’s academic honesty policy, Understanding consequences of plagiarism, and Avoiding plagiarism. To find Axia’s academic honest policy, go to the materials tab, and then click on polices at the left side of your screen. It basically states that the students...
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