Gem of the Ocean

Topics: Actor, Acting, Character Pages: 2 (886 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The play Gem of The Ocean overall was a great production, although this paper is not suppose to be about what I liked or disliked about the play. For the simple fact that I don’t regularly go and watch plays; just going to this one made me realize how well put together plays are. From the acting, the design and the direction of the play were all amazing to me. This paper is to inform any reader that the actor selection was a great pick, the design was effective in a numerous amount of ways and the direction of the play was undoubtedly astounding.

I feel the cast of the play were very effective in playing the roles given. Troy McCray, casted as Citizen Barlow really caught my attention. Although living in the era we’re in now; referring to everything being hi-tech the play gave me the actual feel that I was in the same time period as it displayed. The dialect used was something I admired; which at the same time was something that also made the play so affective. Listening to them talk to one another without skipping over lines was amazing because they had to bring the character to life and make it as if it were actually them. I find it quite intriguing for the fact that the actors and actresses were speaking in a way that we don’t do now, and to be able to do so made the play all the more better. Troy McCray or Citizen Barlow I felt was the main focal point of the entire play, he seemed to be the one getting into the most action or conflict. What I thought was ineffective or not necessary was all of the excessive running and chopping of the feet. I couldn’t figure out if he was always in a hurry to do something or if was he always nervous, it ultimately put me in a state of confusion.

The design of the play was unique after I had to be informed on what it really was. I thought that I was just a regular home but come to find out it was actually suppose to symbolize a boat. I was told that on the left side of the stage or “Stage right” had railing at the top...
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