Geisha Is a Dying Art....?

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Geisha---is not only an artist , but she is also a musician who performs dance , entertains men by singing nor play traditional instruments . A geisha is a women that strictly train since she was small , so she is a perfect hostess . She must obtain general knowledge so that she can easily have topic to chat with her guest . Besides that , a geisha was also a calligrapher , she has to learn some poet . Not only that , as a host , she have to play games to entertain men . Geisha is an illusion of female perfection by applied full white-face make up as a ''mask'' while they are working . As a modern era , technological innovation are so thrived , there are so many entertainment such as internet , computer games , I-pod and etc . So , Geisha has slowly step into a dying art . Geisha performance require high expenses that mostly hired by wealth people because of their expensive Kimono . Nowadays , Geisha have lesser appreciator . So , these causes some of them not willing to do such a risky investment on the Kimono . On the other hand , we can easily download Geisha's performance on You-tube . We can basically understand the culture of Japan . These help us save a lot of money and time . So , this was also one of the reason that causes Geisha became dying art . Other than that , in this modern days , our lifestyle has change a lot . Less and less people will still admire Geisha's performances . There are so many entertainment nowadays such as clubbing , network social , computer games and etc . These easily replace the position of Geisha in Japanese culture . From beginning till now , a Geisha is still not allow to use phone or internet nor anything that related to connection . They only allow to post letter to maintain the traditional lifestyle of Geisha . Not only that , they also not allowed to dye hair or having hole on ears . Although this is the traditional style , but still some of them cannot accept , so this are one of the main cause that people nowadays...
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