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Chapter 7: Merger and Acquisition Strategy ---- House of Tata: Acquiring a Global Footprint (written by Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu, and Richard J. Bullock)

1. Should Tata Motors bid for Ford’s Land Rover and Jaguar units as part of its globalization efforts? What are pros and cons?

2. How else could Tata Motors compete with ford, Honda, Toyota, and other rivals? Could Tata Motors focus on competing as a parts supplier instead?

3. What is your assessment of the globalization and M&A strategies of the Tata Group operating companies, particularly Indian Hotels, Tata Tea, Tata Consultancy Service, and Tata Steel? What can one learn from the global strategies of these major Tata Group companies? juytnjybhgtry

4. What is your assessment of the role of Tata Group center in globalization? What is unique and distinctive about group structure?

제목 Case Discussion Questions (all 8 cases)
내용 Chapter 2: External Environment --- Chinese Fireworks Industry – Revised (written by Paul W. Beamish and Ruihua Jiang)

Case Discussion Questions

1. If you were Jerry Yu, would you invest in a Liuyang fireworks factory? Why?

2. Apply Porter’s Five Forces Model; evaluate the attractiveness of the Chinese fireworks industry.

3. Is the fireworks industry a “sunset” industry or an industry still worth being in for the long run?

4. If you were Jerry Yu, and you decided to make the investment, what would you do to win out in the competition?

5. If you were asked to provide advice to Liuyang Firecrackers and Fireworks Industry Department, as Jerry Yu, what would you say?

Chapter 3: Internal Environment ---- Microsoft in 2005 (written by David B. Yoffie, Dharmesh M. Mehta, and Rudina I. Seseri)

1. What are the 3 or 4 most important drivers of Microsoft’s business model over the last 10 to 15 years, which have produced these spectacular results?

2. With a dominant share throughout the 1990s, how could Microsoft grow revenues at twice the level of industry? Why did profits grow faster?

3. In an industry with strong network externalities (also called network effects), what should you expect the competitive structure of the industry to look like?

4. In an industry with strong network effects and increasing returns, what would you predict should be the long-run profitability?

5. Microsoft has had difficulty sustaining its position – What are the biggest threats to Microsoft? How is Microsoft handling these threats?

Chapter 4: Business-Level Strategy ---- Samsung Electronics (written by Jordan Siegel and James Jinho Chang)

1. What kind of advantage are the Chinese entrants seeking? How close are they to achieving that advantage?

2. How much of Samsung’s performance is based on its reputed low cost-advantage?

3. Can Samsung’s low-cost advantage withstand the Chinese threat on costs?

4. Does anyone think the numbers mask the fact that Samsung’s differentiation advantage is more important or easier to grow and sustain, or both?

5. If Samsung is both low-cost and differentiated, how does it do both?

6. Why can’t more firms in other industries do the same?

Chapter 6: Corporate-Level Strategy ---- Google Inc. (written by Benjamin Edelman and Thomas R. Eisenmann)

1. What are the key factors behind Google’s early success?

2. Do you expect the search business to become more concentrated (i.e., dominated by fewer firms)? Is search a winner-take-all business?

3. In renewing its deal with AOL, could Google afford to pay AOL more than 100% of the revenue generated from AOL searches? How did Microsoft’s maximum affordable bid for AOL’s search traffic compare to Google’s?

4. In addition to enhancing its core search businesses, should Google also branch out into new arenas? Which of the following would you recommend: 1) building a full-fledged portal like Yahoo!’s; 2) targeting Microsoft’s...
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