Geert Hofstede

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Geert Hofstede’s dimension

Power distance index
The inequality is bigger in Spain than in Holland. The Netherlands has 38 on the cultural scale of Hofstede’s analysis and Spain has 57. This means that the gap between wealthy and poor is bigger in Spain than in Holand.

As you can see The IDV in the Netherlands (80) is much higher than in spain(51). The netherlands can be considered as individualistic with a relatively high score (80) on the scale of Hofstede compared to Spain were they have stronger collectivism (51). Maybe because they are really close with family and see themselfs as a group in stead of individual person. Spanish people are also often with their family, more than Dutch people, they think family is very important and they say that they are less with their friends and family than they actually want to be.

Holland has a masculine culture with a 14 on the scale of Hofstede’s and Spain 42. Masculine traits include assertiveness, materialism/material success, self-centeredness, power, strength, and individual achievements. So in Spain is the gap between man and woman much bigger than in Holland. In Holland is equality more important. But there is a gap between the income of a man and woman. Holland is standing on the list with the lowest gap. The lowest ranked countries for masculinity ratio are:

1. Sweden.
2. Norway.
3. Netherlands.
4. Denmark.
5. Costa Rica.

Uncertainty avoidance
As you can see the UAI in Spain is higher than in The Netherlands. Uncertainty avoidance in The Netherlands is relatively low, wich can clearly be viewed trough the national cultures. The spanish and the Netherlands are not to keen on uncertainty, by planning everything carefully they try to avoid the uncertainty.

Long-Term Orientation
The last dimension, Long-Term Orientation was added to 23 countries after...
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