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Sept. 19, 2011
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“Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die,” Patton Oswalt
Oswalt is the man. His writing about “Geek Culture” really rings true. Society is being totally water down by technology and how fast everything is moving. All the subcultures are seeming to blend into pop culture. The legacy that we use to be able to pass on to the next generation has been replaced by social media websites and the sort. Like Oswalt I remember a time when I had to wait in long lines to get the newest cassette tape, or for some underground music it was purely word of mouth and I would have to find someone that knew someone to get a duplicate of their tape. How we dressed was because of our culture and part of our lifestyle. We did not have the luxury of downloading everything from the internet. If we wanted to know how the other side of the tracks were living, we had to get on our bikes and go ride across the tracks and see. I am so tired of kids being able to copy the styles of past generations without embracing the lifestyle. The fast pace of it all makes fads come and go before people my age are even able to catch on. Everyday I’m like wow, what is going on? Are the jeans acid wash, ripped, baggy, or wash? It is so hard to keep up. The internet should not replace the traditions of the past no should it make everything so accessible in the blink of an eye. There is hardly any distinction among the groups of young people . Subcultures use to be one of the beautiful parts about being in this great country. One did no have to be a carbon copy of everybody else. You could find a place on the school yard with a few kids that understood you in a way no one else could. One would have trade secrets of his or her group and if you were not in the group and did not know someone from the group , you were just out of luck. Every group want to be popular nowadays , so there is an openness that exist that never use to exist. Since the groups...
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