Ge217 Week 1 Excercise

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  • Published : December 22, 2011
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Exercise 2

1. I think women are better listeners then men.
|PRO’s |CON’s | |Women value talking out feelings |Men don’t like to talk out feelings | |Women tend to analyze every detail they hear |Women like to talk more than listen | |Women soak everything in before responding | |

2. Capital Punishment is no deterrent to crime.
|PRO’s |CON’s | |The crime rate has not been altered |People seem to have remorse when sentenced | |Innocent people are put to death |Fear of being put to death if thought about | |People on Death Row’s for years | |

3. “Hard” sciences such as math are more difficult than “soft” sciences such as sociology. |PRO’s |CON’s | |Creative thinkers have more trouble with hard sciences |Math has a definite answer | |You HAVE to have a correct answer |Math uses formulas that have been proven true | | |Logical thinkers have more trouble with soft sciences |

4. The production and sale of cigarettes must be outlawed for the health of the American Public. |PRO’s...
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