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1. GE doesn’t come up with innovations in poor countries and take them global 2. GE sell high-end medical imaging and diagnostic products globally 3. GE has following sites for RD efforts: US(Niskayuna), India (Bangalore), China (Shanghai), Europe(Munich)+Brazil(Sao Paulo), US(Detroit). They place RD centers in those countries to be closer to important markets + availability of talent. India:

1. India was an attractive base for the cost reasons and ample supply of talent 2. India Carried out RD for GE for the needs of developed market and emerging markets 9like India), including BOP India as a Healthcare market:

1. Domestic Healthcare device markets in India make only made low-value products, few could match international players in terms of quality or performance. 2. But India has huge cost advantage

3. GE is #1 in diagnostic equipment
4. They work with the large hospitals
5. GE launched a global campaign that targets on reducing the cost, increasing access and improving the quality of hc 6. They have some investment solutions for BOP patients
7. They want to built a new capabilities for emerging markets 8. They need it to corporate social responsibility image (CSR) CE Organization in India:
1. GE in India didn’t develop so much like it was planned. Very tiny sales 2. The reasons of the tiny sales in Indian market can be summarized like that: * they were selling what they were making rather than making what the customer here needed * India had been its inability to fully tap into the mass markets

3. GE introduced a new in country for country strategy to improve local adaption and speed up decision-making: * Geographical dimension of the organizational matrix, India will be treated as independent region * GE India is the first country to be made a profit and loss center on its own. India is going to manage the entire local value chain by itself 4. Adapting better to the Indian market,...
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