Ge Energy Management Initiative

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The GE Energy Management Initiative (A)
By taking the position as Raj Bhatt, Business Development manager of GE Canada, I am comfortable and confident that energy efficiency is an attractive industry and business opportunity. What makes Raj Bhatt believe that the Energy Efficiency projects will be successful in Canada is that the project helps not only the ESCo, which conducts the performance-based contracting, but also the customers, who are more aware of the benefits of Energy Efficiency project. The Energy Efficiency project will optimize the energy usage, including conservation, use of efficient equipment and off peak usage. Even though the project has required intensive initial capital investment and long payback period, it will help customers understand how to utilize the energy more efficiently in order to save the earth from already worsened global warming. GE Canada has a competitive advantage in the project because of both GE’s area of expertise and the requirements of the program. GE has great reputation and sufficient components required for the Energy Efficiency program. GE is the leading supplier of the required products, such as energy-efficient lighting, motors and controls, and has sufficient funding with a large financing division. Another competitive advantage for GE Canada is that Federal and Provincial government promote green initiatives of active energy-management programs and target Energy Efficiency as a critical industry. The challenge for GE Canada in the Energy Efficiency project is that GE divisions – Lighting and Finance – also serve external customers. This will give the chance for other ESCo to approach GE Canada for the help in financing and the supply of the required equipments since the Canadian ESCo industry is growing very rapidly with total market potential in the billions of dollars. Another challenge is that GE is not good in system implementation. How GE Canada will be able to sustain the competitive advantage is to...
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