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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Topics for GDPI:

1. Topic: secularism: a political Fashion statement or a reality in India. ( 20 minutes) 2. A seat in UN security council increases India's responsibilties 3. IPL, is it a sustainable business model.

4. India shining a myth?
5. Walmart opening stores in India - Effect on Retail Sector (FDI in Retail in short) 6. Are T.V channels killing our culture ?
7. Facebook is reducing face to face interaction/interface
8. Are attacks on Indian students abroad a media hype?
9. Are B school rankings in india reliable ?
10. Is too much cricket affecting other athletics?"
11. Coalition Government are they the future way
12. Cinema stars and Sportsperson donot make a good politicians 13. Are coaching classes facilitators or money spinners?
14. Environmental problems should all countries(developed and developing) be equally responsible. 15. Is IPL affecting the quality of Indian cricket
16. Is fasting an appropriate method to resolve national issue ? 17 . Are genetically modified food substances the way forward to meet the food 18. : Does a doctor have the authority to take a life?

19. Privatization of Indian Railways
20. Bharat Ratna and Padmashri awards are of no relvance now.Do you agree? 21. suicides a fundamental right to every citizen
22. Increasing the number of IIMs is good for its stakeholders, do you agree? 23. Entrepreneurs are born, they can never be trained ?
24. Topic : Should there be women's reservation in private sector. 25. Is India likely to hold a mid term election?.....
26. Can India overtake China in growth?
27. Does India lack good leaders.
28. is india facing leadership crisis
29. diversity and not unity is sustaining india
31.Topicriginality in Bollywood is dead. It is surviving on copies or remakes. 32. GD: Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid is just a myth
33. GD Topic: Railway fares should not have been increased... 34. Topic: "SUCCESS AND SELFISHNESS GO...
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