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Gdp of South Korea

By | November 2010
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1) Inflation rate over the past 10 years3
2) GDP and per capita income3
3) Currency4
4) Unemployment rate4
5) Poverty4
6) HDI - Human development index5
7) Literacy7
8) Expenditure in development activities7
9) Employment policy8
10) Environmental and protection policy10
11) Growth trend of last years12

1)Inflation rate over the past 10 years

YearInflation Percent Change

Reference : 2)GDP and per capita income

GDP PPP: $1.756 trillion (2009 est.)
GDP Nominal: $2112.78 billion (2009 est.)
GDP growth: 0.40% (2010)
GDP per capita PPP: $31283 (2009)
GDP Per capita Nominal: $19657 (2009)
GDP by sector: agriculture (3.0%), industry (39.4%), services (57.6%) (2008 est.) According to the World Bank, Italy has high levels of freedom for investments, business and trade. Italy is a developed country, and, according to The Economist, has the world's 8th highest quality of life.[25] The country enjoys a very high standard of living, and is the world's 18th most developed country, surpassing Germany and the UK.[26] According to the last Eurostat data, Italian per capita GDP at purchasing power parity remains approximately equal to the EU average,[27] while the unemployment rate (8.5%) stands as one of the EU's lowest.[28] Italy has the world's 4th largest gold reserve.[29] The country is also well-known for its influential and innovative business economic sector,[30] an industrious and competitive agricultural sector,[30] and for its creative and high-quality automobile, industrial, appliance and fashion design.[30] Despite this, the country's economy suffers from many problems. After a strong GDP growth of +8% from 1964 onwards,[31]...

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