Gct Case Study on Performance Measurement

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Gct Case Study on Performance Measurement

By | April 2010
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary3

1.0 Introduction6

2.0 Methodology6

3.0 Details and Implication of Findings8
3.1 SWOT Analysis of GCT8
3.2 Competencies Identification9
3.3 Problems Identification9
3.4 Investigation of Problems9
3.4.1 Inappropriate Performance Indicators9
3.4.2 Poor Management Process10
3.4.2 Inadaptive Culture Issue10
3.4.3 Inadequate Financial Control10
3.4.4 Poor Utilisation of Technology and after Sales Service11 3.5 Consequences of Problems11

4.0 Evaluation of Three Possible Alternative Strategies12
4.1 Customer Service Staff Training12
4.2 Despatch13
4.3 Establishing a Dedicated Service Centre14

5.0 Decide on the Best Alternative and Recommendations16
5.1 Establishing a Dedicated Service Centre with Trained Customer Service Staffs16 5.2 Change of culture17
5.3 Total Quality Management (TQM)18
5.4 New Performance Measurement18

6.0 Implementation Plans18
6.1 Change of Culture18
6.2 Total Quality Management (TQM)19
6.3 New Performance Measurement20
6.4 Evaluation22
6.4.1. Cost Structure22
6.4.2. Balanced Scorecard23
7.0 Conclusion26


Executive Summary

The SWOT analysis is used to review the internal and external factors that may affect the company’s operations significantly based on the PEST framework. Identifying and prioritising these critical elements form the rudiments of the contingency plans developed to respond to the matters concerning the company.

The competencies determined include GCT’s vast financial strength to capitalise on, in catapulting its position to be a leading player in the industry that still has room for growth and expansion; while the obstacles diagnosed encompass inadequacies in management functions and departmental process breakdowns throughout the firm, that hinder capturing of market share in a...

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