Gcse Writing an Article - Top Tips for Job Seekers.

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Confused by job advertisements and the daunting thought of applying for a position? Don’t fret; you’re not alone! According to an independent survey carried out by young people throughout the United Kingdom, 4-% of students feel too under-prepared or nervous to go about finding a job. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to boost your confidence and land you the perfect job!

Whether you’re applying for a part-time or full-time job, the thought of filling out a lengthy form can be an unpleasant one; although it doesn’t need to be! Application forms require a lot of information, but once you understand exactly what companies look for, the task becomes far less time consuming. One teen has told us: “I’m intimidated by the ‘personal statement’ boxes on job applications. What do they really want to know?” And the answer is simple: they want to know which skills you have that sets you unique from other applicants! Don’t be too shy or afraid to boast; it might just win you your dream job! If you’re a hard-working, punctual or friendly person, employers would like to know about it! Try to avoid any potential negatives such as “I’m not a very neat person really”; stick to the positive. Be as outgoing as possible with applications; employers will value an enthusiastic candidate.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Application forms often ask about strengths and weaknesses. Most people have little difficulty with strengths but struggle with weaknesses. Never give one-word answers. Try to suggest situations where your strengths were employed. We all have weaknesses but so many people say that they are perfectionists that employers get tired of this response. Think of your weaknesses as areas for development. Consider also your personality. Extroverts are good at talking but often speak before thinking things through. Introverts reflect of issues but are often not good at communicating their thoughts. So try to explain your strengths and...
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