Gcse Short Story Coursework

Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: November 18, 2012
My hospital bed was ice cold and the bleak and empty white walls depressed me as the uncomforting thought that I would have to stay here for maybe another week brought tears to my eyes. The usual and oppressive smell of disinfectant lingered in the room as I recalled that night in my head, trying to convince myself it wasn’t my fault, as I had done everyday since the accident. It was the day everything changed and my life was turned upside down. Forever.

Provocatively decorated caravans snaked to their designated pitches where their attached rides, origami giants, unfurled with a flourish and sprung into life. The warmth of the sun was now a distant but pleasant memory, and an almost eerie chill enshrouded the scene. The eyes of spellbound children, wide with awe, traced intricate patterns across the night sky, their senses bewitched by the array of colossal machines that spun vigorously. A crowd gathered around the most spine-chilling, hair-raising ride, a brief splash of tarmac was the only distinction between those who could not barely contain their desire to be the next in the queue, and those who watched, petrified. Leah and I cautiously joined the queue, the Ferris wheel towering over us. The concrete beneath my feet vibrated with the sheer energy and sound of the music that blared out, and the colour of the exciting rides seemed to spin before my eyes. I was jostled about, pushed from side to side, so that it seemed as though the ground itself was rising up, attempting to shake me from its surface, and the glow from the moon, streaming down unchallenged by even a single cloud, sent an eerie shiver down my spine. The sudden feeling of panic and dread rushed through my body, the feeling that something terrible and dangerous was going to happen. I looked over at Leah, her eyes gleaming with joy, anticipating the thrill of the adventurous rides. The realization then hit me, there was no need to be so uptight and worried about everything, this evening was a...
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