Gcse Music Revised

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GCSE Music Specimen Assessment Materials
For first teaching from September 2009 For first award in Summer 2011 Subject Code: 7010

The awarding bodies have prepared new specifications to comply with revised GCSE criteria. The specimen assessment material accompanying new specifications are provided to give centres guidance on the structure and character of the planned assessments in advance of the first assessment. It is intended that the specimen assessment materials contained in this booklet will help teachers and students to understand, as fully as possible, the markers’ expectations of candidates’ responses to the types of tasks and questions set at GCSE level. These specimen assessment materials should be used in conjunction with CCEA’s GCSE Music specification.

GCSE Music Specimen Assessment Materials
Specimen Papers Part 1: Listening and Appraising Part 2: Listening and Appraising Mark Schemes General Marking Instructions Part 1: Listening and Appraising Part 2: Listening and Appraising 1 3 13 33 35 39 45

Subject Code QAN

7010 500/4515/5

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Specimen Papers



Centre Number 71

Candidate Number

General Certificate of Secondary Education 2011

Music Part 1 Listening and Appraising

TIME 45 minutes INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Write your Centre Number and Candidate Number in the spaces provided at the top of this page. Write your answers in the spaces provided in this question paper. Answer all six questions. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES The total mark for this part is 60. Figures in brackets printed down the right-hand side of pages indicate the marks awarded to each question or part question. Quality of Written Communication will be assessed in question 4(a). For Examiner’s use only Question Marks Number

1 2 3 4 5 6
Total Marks


Answer all questions 1 Here are four short extracts of music. You will hear extract (a), followed by extract (b), followed by extract (c), followed by extract (d). You will hear each of them twice. (a) (i) Which of the following describes the dance style of the piece? (Circle the correct answer) Minuet (ii) Reel Strathspey Tango [1]

Which of the following describes the form of the piece? (Circle the correct answer) Aria Folk Song Lied Recitative [1]



What term best describes the bass line of this piece? __________________________________________________________ [1]


Name the solo instrument. __________________________________________________________ [1]



What type of ostinato is this? __________________________________________________________ [1]


Name the instruments playing the ostinato. __________________________________________________________ [2]


Name the type of voice. __________________________________________________________ [1]



Name the percussion instrument playing the ostinato. __________________________________________________________ [1]


Give a term to describe how the accompanying strings are being played. __________________________________________________________ [1]



You will hear this extract three times. (a) (i) Name the musical device played by the strings in the opening section. __________________________________________________________ (ii) Name the four other instruments playing in this extract. 1 ________________________________________________________ 2 ________________________________________________________ 3 ________________________________________________________ 4 ________________________________________________________ (b) (i) Which time signature is used in this extract? (Circle the correct answer) 2 4 (ii) Complete the following: The title of this work is _______________________________________ This movement is called ______________________________________ The...
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