Gcse Music Analysis Peripetie-Schoenberg

Topics: Arnold Schoenberg, Twelve-tone technique, Orchestra Pages: 4 (716 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Peripetie- Schoenberg
STYLE: Expressionism
Features of expressionism:
* Atonal (all notes have equal importance)
* Expresses one intense emotional
* Full use of the pitch range of instruments.
* Timbre is regarded to be just as important as melody
* Extremes in dynamics
* Pieces are quite short

* Schoenberg was an Austrian composer who founded the Second Viennese School- a group of composers (including Berg and Webern, who were taught by Schoenberg in Vienna) who wrote Expressionist music. * Peripetie is the fourth of his Five Orchestral Pieces, and this set work was of an experimental nature, and required a large orchestra. * First performance was given in 1912 in Proms, London. * The title means ‘A sudden reversal’- refers to the fact that ideas from the start of the movement return in reverse order towards the end. * A new edition of the work Schoenberg wrote in 1922

* Schoenberg later developed serialism- 12 tone technique using a tone row. * This tone row can be transformed in 3 ways- retrograde, inversion, retrograde inversion.

* Angular or disjunct melodies, Schoenberg uses octave displacement, unexpectedly moving individual notes of a main melody into a different octave. * Made up of short, fragmented motifs, that are combined in different ways. In the first 18 bars alone, 7 different motifs are quickly introduced. * Large intervals

* No predictability
* Melodies are short and motivic developed in cell-like fashion * Many short motifs often played simultaneously
* The full range of the orchestra and its instruments is used

* Dissonant harmony
* Atonal
* Use of hexachords
* Clashes within harmonies
* No sense of key- non functional

* Metre changes from 3 4 to 2 4 to 4 4.

* Sehr rasch- very quick
* Varied- some long, slow parts while some...
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