Gcse Ca Story - the Last Time

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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The Last Time
The last time I saw my father....
With the Great Dragon free, the great kingdom Albion falls victim to a series of vengeful attacks. Full of rage, he attacks Albion with pitiless intensity. Women and children can be heard screaming whilst they flee for their lives. The dragon let’s out an onslaught with a bombardment of fire. Prince Arthur and his men patrol and make effort to protect the city while the royal physician Richard and Gwen who is a servant in the royal household attend to the injured. Gwen worries that the attacks are too powerful even for Arthur and his knights to overcome, but Richard pleads her to reaffirm her faith in him. As Arthur and his men take their posts armed with blazing crossbows, Colin, Arthur’s servant apologises. “I’m sorry you have to do this Arthur.” Arthur rejects it, saying it's not his fault the Dragon is free. The dragon again mercilessly attacks the city. As the Dragon flies over the city, Arthur gives the order to fire. As they do, the Dragon showers them with flames. Realising that there is no clean water remaining in the treatment zone, against Richards's wishes, Gwen ventures outside to fetch more. As she does so, Gwen fixates herself directly in the Dragon's firing line. Arthur notices her, then rushes to save her but as they both run for cover, Arthur is struck down by the Dragon’s razor sharp claw. It had pierced through Arthur’s layer of armour and left a large gash of blood. Colin ignites a spear using his magic and hurls it at the Dragon, only to see it simply bounce off. The Dragon taunts Merlin “Do not think for one moment your petty magic can harm me!” Colin appeals for the reason behind his assaults but the dragon flies away without giving him an answer. Tending to Arthur's wound back within the wall of the castle, Gwen tells him that he shouldn't have risked his life. Arthur replies that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her or any of Albion’s citizens. Colin returns to Richard...
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