Gce English Literature

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  • Published: April 13, 2012
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Coursework Guidance
GCE English Literature
OCR Advanced GCE in English Literature H471 Unit F664 Texts in Time

This Coursework Guidance is designed to accompany the OCR Advanced GCE specification in English Literature for teaching from September 2008.

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GCE English Literature



The new structure of assessment at Advanced level has been introduced for teaching from September 2008. The Specification is designed to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in GCSE English, GCSE English Literature and in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Key Stages 3 and 4. The Specification is set out in the form of units. This Coursework Guidance is provided in addition to the Specification to support teachers in understanding the detail necessary to prepare candidates for the Advanced level coursework Unit F664: Texts in Time. It is important to note that the Specification is the document on which assessment is based; it specifies the content and skills to be covered in delivering a course of study. At all times, therefore, this Coursework Guidance booklet should be read in conjunction with the Specification. If clarification on a particular point is needed then reference should be in the first instance to the Specification. OCR recognises that programmes of teaching and learning in preparation for this qualification will vary from centre to centre and from teacher to teacher. This Coursework Guidance is offered to support teachers and it is recognised that individual teachers may want to make modifications to the suggested materials and approaches. Further support is offered through the OCR Coursework Consultancy service for GCE English Literature (see OCR website for details).

GCE English Literature



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