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Topics: Total fertility rate, World, The World Is Flat Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Short-Essay Response

Of these 4 essay items, choose 2 of them to answer (5 points each). Be able to answer them in approximately 150-200 words. While these aren’t formal essays with citations and bibliographies, if you use information from a source, YOU MUST mention that source in your response (e.g. “According to Brazilian census data …”). You MUST prepare the responses (typed) beforehand and bring them to the exam. If you single-space your responses, you should be able to fit both responses on a single page (preferred). Do NOT use title pages or other unnecessary covers. No elaborate headings – just your name and your responses will do. ********

1. What does it mean to say that nature is “socially-constructed?”

2. Which thesis of globalization (homogenization, polarization, or glocalization) do you think is the most accurate in describing the process in today’s world? Support your position.

3. Explain, using specifics, how the status of women in a society affects total fertility rates and population growth/decline.

4. Is it worth the effort to preserve or revive endangered and dying languages in an increasingly globalized
world? Support your position

What does it mean to say that nature is “socially-constructed?”

What does it mean to say that nature is “socially-constructed?” A socially construction of nature is a thought that claims the worlds nature does not exist freely of man control, to some extend nature is controlled by human from the trees, air, waterways, or just the weather around. One famous environmentalist is AL gore who tried to illuminate the dangers that mankind had brought by trying to control nature in a way that valuable resources became limited. One thing that environmentalist, speak on is that Nature is subjective to each countries rule and people, governments will always choose the majority. Mankind has and will always create personal envisions of the landscape which will reflects the needs...
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