Gays Too Have a Life to Live-Free from Societal Discrimination

Topics: Homosexuality, Law, Heterosexism Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: February 24, 2013
For a very long time in the history of the world, homosexuality and gay marriages was considered unlawful and unacceptable. Therefore, strict measures were properly put in place to prohibit potential any act related to them. This was attributed to the perceived negative implications as evaluated by the forerunners of the time. Contrastingly, the advent of democracy and modern culture of our time has seen the emergence of social right activists, who have been parading the legality of gay marriage on the front of autonomy, respect for human rights and modernity. The lobby has gained legal grounds as attested by laws and bills (to legalize and respect the rights of gays) which are unanimously being passed by legislative arm of the many independent states of the world. Respect for the personal rights, social justice and economic perspectives are important issues that we must embrace in our society. This thesis seeks to support laws legalizing gay marriage through its analysis of economy, political and social harmony. Homosexual’s lifestyle is normal and healthy. The homosexual relationships are equivalent to that of heterosexual counter parts. Homosexuals, just like heterosexuals have their social gratifications to fulfill hence the need to have them live their own lives. For a social set up to be a complete, it must constitute equal and complementing members; gays have shown that they can live normal lifestyle and complement each other. In fact, the purpose for a healthy lifestyle is the need to have two complimenting partners. Some people have claimed that a family unit must comprise of man, woman, and children. However, it is a fact that not all heterosexual marriages end up with children. In an effort to see the success of the bill, gay activists have supported that the economy comprising of gays will flourish because their needs are few as compared to that of heterosexual counterparts. The basis for this argument is that the needs of gays are free from the...
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