Gay Rights

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  • Published: April 24, 2013
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Gay Rights

By: Torian Portier

Thesis statement:
Gay rights is even is an even more controversial topic than women’s rights and African American rights.

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Portier 1
When the founding fathers of the United States were writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they had a goal of equality for every citizen in their minds such as African American rights and women’s rights, so why is the topic of gay rights so controversial in America? Just like African Americans and women and all different minority groups, gays are people too. One of the most heated topics in America today is same sex marriage. All same sex marriage is, is regular marriage but with two people that are of the same sex. America's population is growing, and the number of homosexuals is increasing as well. With the growing population of gays in America's communities growing closer to 10%, the topic of gay marriage comes up time and time again. There are always two sides to each battle, and each side feels strongly on their decided opinions. The gay population seems to feel more strongly on this battle. Gay marriage is a hot issue facing American politics. It raises passionate arguments on both sides. Those in favor of legalizing gay marriage see the realization of gay rights as the...
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